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Building Future Leaders, Scholars, and Innovators

Alpha Educational & Leadership Foundation



Alpha Leadership Program for Higher Achievement (A.L.P.H.A)

This program has traditionally targeted African-American males in grades 6-8. Students in this program develop and enhance their skills grades through three regular module sessions: Math/Analytical, Communication, and Leadership. Students compete throughout the sessions with the goal of being awarded scholarship monies to be applied towards their college/technical school education.

Program outcomes for participants in the Alpha Millennium Academy or A.L.P.H.A are enhanced through

  • Public Speaking

  • Written Communication Skills

  • Analytical/Money Management Skills

  • Decision-Making Skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Time Management

  • Knowledge of proper etiquette and grooming

  • Field Trips and cultural experiences

  • Better relationship and peer/adults

  • Scholarships and other rewards are made available to outstanding students in the program

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Alpha Millennium Academy (AMA)

The program is designed to focus on high school students in grades 9-12. The Alpha Millennium Academy  promotes leadership, professional development, and career development among rising juniors and seniors in high schools. 

The Academy is composed of various workshops and learning excursions and opportunities designed to enhance the following areas:

-Professional Development, (Community Service Learning);

-Leadership and Technology; and

-Academic Preparation and

-Life Skills (Career Planning)

-Field Trips and cultural experiences

-Better relationship and peer/adults

-Scholarships and other rewards are made available to outstanding students in the program

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"Helping the Youth of Tomorrow Succeed and Lead Others"

The Alpha Educational Leadership Foundation, Inc. (AELF) is a private non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable organization with the primary purpose of advancing the educational, leadership, entrepreneurial, and health of youth and adults. In doing so, the AELF, Inc. seeks to optimize, coordinate, train, educate, and provide the necessary leadership, development, and life skills necessary for youth and adults to advance scholastically, socially, and mentally in life and in the broad academic arenas.


The Alpha Educational Leadership Foundation, Inc. (AELF) serves as the primary educational and leadership arm of the Gamma Mu Lambda (ΓΜΛ) Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. located in Tallahassee, Florida. In addition, the (AELF) shall invest in the greater social, educational and health needs of the community at large and may engage in coordinated efforts with other organizations and entities to fulfill its broad mission.


The Alpha Educational & Leadership Foundation, (AELF) focuses on Three Core Areas of Emphasis


1. Educational: shall encompass all academic and scholarly attempts or efforts to tool youth, and adults relative to future preparation through further education and/or job/career preparation. This shall be broad enough as to offer, extend and compete for scholarships, honorariums, fellowships, stipends, and the like all with advancement of youth & adults their scholarly pursuits in focus for students and nontraditional disciplines and occupations.

2. Leadership: shall encompass opportunities for youths & adults to advance and learn about the many types of leaders and leadership skill, thus providing the necessary incentives to advance such skills. This may take the form of Leadership Institutes, Training/Job Seminars, Apprentices, Academic Shadowing, Job Shadowing, Retreats, and similar activities.


3. Health: shall encompass any efforts to promote better health, wellness, and safety of youth, adults, and elders in the communities we serve. These efforts may include opportunities to advance wellness, exercise, health promotion, disease prevention, chronic health awareness, safety issues, bullying prevention, teens sexual health and the ills brought about my drug use, misuse, and other public health issues



Gregory J. Harris, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Al Dennis
Chairman of the Board
Tyneal Haywood, Sr.
Director of Education




3370 Capital Circle N.E., Suite C-1

Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Tel:  850-321-0162


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